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Filmed over 50 musical spots, participated in filming of parr documentaries and short movies, and over 20 promo videos.If you are interested in more details about me and my work write me a message, send an e-mail or call me.

Ante Gugić

I'm a simple lad in love with a movie, photography, nature and pizza. An adrenaline freak who adores jumping from a plane, walking on a mountain, travelling as further as I can, seeing more and experiencing more beautiful sunsets.My love for film started in my childhood, when my mum literally couldn't separate me from the TV when any movie started. Documentaries, westerns, action, black and white films, I had to see them all. A movie is a movie and I adore it in any form/genre.I come from a big family. When I say big, I really mean big. I've got 5 sisters and 3 brothers. My family is very important to me because it all starts there; support, love, emotion and openness of mind.My first contact with professionalism occurred 8 years ago, when a friend of mine all of a sudden suggested, knowing my love for computers that I try editing some videos for him, so I said why not. Since I've never been afraid of new things I immediately, with all my heart and mind, started looking into editing programmes and going through hours and hours of filmed materials about what others have done and so I set off myself slowly into that direction. It didn't take me long to get the hang of/get the knack for ''technical'' side of editing, but only then a completely new world opened itself to me. At that moment I wanted to take the camera in my hands, to see how, what I am editing, is made/created. Phew, what a love at first sight that was, to make things more clear I'm still in love with the camera in any form, but I'll never forget that, in those first days, I almost slept with a camera. My girlfriend joked that I'll never love her as much, I think she was right.Now, years after, my love still lasts, every new day with a camera in my hand is another amazing experience which pushes me forward and I believe it will never stop.


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